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What is Fort Worth Abroad?

Fort Worth Abroad gives scholarships to college students from Fort Worth to study abroad and experience the proven benefits of international studies.

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Students Get:

  • Exposure to different cultures
  • Greater confidence in their own independence
  • Global networking
  • Expansion of cultural views and understanding
  • Enhancement of inclusive thought processes
  • Preparation for the international work environment
  • Development of more robust language skills
  • Building on expertise in a global hub for field of study
  • Expansion of travel opportunities

Scholarships Purpose:

Facilitating these opportunities for the collegiate contingent from Fort Worth, Texas, will lead directly to students who capitalize on the opportunity to expand their horizons. These young, eager Fort Worthians eventually become young, eager professionals who, thanks to their expanded horizons, embody the characteristics of global citizens.

Young professionals who are global citizens benefit employers by nurturing a globally minded workforce, a practice of ever increasing importance.

While many Fort Worth students will leave their hometown to study elsewhere, and maybe even stay gone for a while; we all know it's only a matter of time before the call of Fort Worth becomes too loud to ignore.

Last, but certainly not of least importance, having students representing Fort Worth in foreign countries increases exposure to our wonderful city, the "Most Texas" place to visit!


Upcoming events to raise money for Fort Worth Abroad scholarships.

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8th Annual FunkyTown GitDown

The Funkytown Gitdown will feature music from Peter More, Spoonfed Tribe's weapons of Don Louis, Dustin Massey, and Songbird Jones. Along with the music we will fill the room with an Art Gallery, Silent Auction and Tacos! Click here for more...