Funkytown Gitdown 2021

Our sixth year of the event to create awareness and raise money! The Funkytown Gitdown will feature music by Spoonfed Tribe's Weapons of Mass Percussion, Lost Art Legacy, Peter More, and Songbird Jones as well as an art gallery and Silent Auction! See below for more information. Please contact us for sponsorship information.

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Spoonfed Tribe's Weapons of Mass Percussion - 11:45pm

Lost Art Legacy - 10:30pm

Peter More - 8:30pm

Songbird Jones - 7:00pm


Peter More

“Utilizing Fagen’s expertise with vocal harmony and clever arrangements, More fashioned material that veers from folk balladry to country to sauntering soul-rock.”

- Rolling Stone

"Brings to mind folk-rock greats like Neil Young... with a new and vibrant energy."

- Substream Magazine

"An eclectic sound of classic rock roots, old country twang, and latin influences."

- Sound Digest

"Peter More is constantly in motion, and you can hear it in his new music."

- The Prelude Press

"Peter More enshrines his nomadic nature on new EP."

- B-Sides & Badlands

"They’ve got that electricity that happens when great musicians play together."


Click here for the Rolling Stone Magazine article about Peter More's newest record produced by Steely Dan's Peter Fagan.

Spoonfed Tribe's Weapons of Mass Percussion

“Weapons Of Mass Percussion” is comprised of core members of DFW’s Spoonfed Tribe. The band often features some of the areas top talent to layer on top of a “wall of percussion”. Multiple drummers lead the way through dynamic, future/primitive sound scapes created by soaring guitar, bass, electronics & samples.

Songbird Jones


"The art of crafting a song from scratch and then singing that same song to an audience is the beautiful challenge keeping Songbird Jones inspired. The communication that happens from hand to pen to paper and then from guitar strings to singing to listening ears is a place where they find their home. Soulful vocals, rich harmonies and thoughtful lyrics set Songbird Jones apart from the crowd.

From New York to Europe and destinations in between — Matt and friends bring an array of experiences into a live performance full of earthiness, fun, and heartfelt warmth.

The past two years Matt released two EPs that mark time and spotlight the new additions to his family. The Jubilee Waltz (2019) and Jotman (2021) are projects composed of three songs each, for and about his daughter Jubilee and son Jotham."

Lost Art Legacy


"Psychedelic hip-hop"
A unique psychedelic blend of spiritually driven, LYRICAL HIP-HOP, infused with


Meg York - Flying Colours - Artisanal Glass Jewelry

Meg York Art

Carrie Hunt - Painter nad Multi-Media Artist

Cari Dolores Art

Brian Dickson - Acrylic Painter


Krystian Gaytan - Acrylic Painter

Krystian Gaytan

Mr. Donnie Logan - Industrial Sculptor

Mr. Donnie Logan