Funkytown Gitdown 2018


Funkytown Gitdown 2018

Our third year of the event to create awareness and raise money! The Funkytown Gitdown will feature music by Peter More, Chris Watson, and Michael Lee as well as Taco Heads, and an art gallery! See below for more information.

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August 2018

S. Calhoun

Doors Open


Chris Watson – 10:30pm
Peter More – 8:45pm
Michael Lee – 7:00pm


Peter More

“The music had a smart, savvy edge,” singer-keyboardist said of ‘Beautiful Disrepair.’ “It’s an American dish, but it’s served with hot sauce”

Click here for the Rolling Stone Magazine article about Peter More’s newest record produced by Steely Dan’s Peter Fagan.

Chris Watson

Chris Watson Band is a funky soul group from Fort Worth, TX, driven by a strong back beat and punchy horns.

Michael Lee


Meg York

Meg York Art

Fernando Palomo

Carrie Hunt

Don Sheppard

Kay Ford

Christopher Knowles

Ebony Lewis

Grace Darden